Our internal kitchen
A good nutrition is essential to a healthy growth of our children.

At Nina Kids one of our priorities is guaranteeing the use of best quality products, personally chosen by the cook and the management. Our internal kitchen gives us the possibility to cook fresh and personalized dishes every day. Fruits and vegetables are supplied from a grocery store in Corso Casale and the meat is taken at one of the best butchers in the area, “Da Massimo” in Pino Torinese. In additional we have our small vegetables garden, cared for by children and grandparents, and we try to use our own cultivated products as much as we can. The menu follows the seasonality of the products, therefore from October to March the winter menu is served, from April to September the summer menu (the menus have been drawn up with the collaboration of the dieticians of the Sian of the ASL of Turin to guarantee the right nourishment to our children). We are also able to guarantee meals for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs.

School bus
The school bus service is provided by the school under request.

The minibus has 9 seats, is owned by the Nina Kids kindergarten and it is equipped with the safety seats for children. It is possible both for single journeys, outward and / or return. Take advantage of it!

Our specialists
Our speech therapist

Monica Giordano is our speech therapist. Thanks to experience she has developed the skills to diagnose and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders in children.

  • Speech disorders occur when a person has difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently.
  • Language disorders occur when a person has trouble understanding others or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings.
  • Social communication disorders occur when a person has trouble with the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Cognitive-communication disorders include problems organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering, planning, and/or problem-solving.
  • Swallowing disorders (dysphagia) are feeding and swallowing difficulties.


The service will be active from September.

Once every 15 days psychologist Laura Corio comes to our school to support teachers, parents, and children. You can book an appointment and ask her for any kind of advice. If the request number of participants is reached, it is also possible to arrange meetings on specific topics (birth of brothers/sisters, separation of parents…).

Baby Parking
The school is open all year round and during Christmas and Easter holidays we welcome children from other school

During all the year chance to be with us even for a day or for a week or for some days. If you need to leave your child just for a few hours, we can arrange a personalized timetable!

On Saturday mornings the school is open with a minimum number of requests (lunch is included).

Events and evening
On the last Friday of each month theme nights are organized, and the school turns into a magic place

The children can stay with us until 11 pm (from about 6.30 pm); they can cook and dance… at only 30 euros! You can also bring brothers and sisters. Reservations must be given one week in advance in order for us to organize the night in the best possible way. Minimum 6 children.
Some possible themes: magic, barbecue and swimming pool under the stars, Far West, Halloween, Artist’s Lights in Turin, “Oggi cuoco io” and many more…
In winter, we then propose days on the snow: children are taken by educators to Pian Neiretto. They have ski lessons with the instructors, they eat on the ski slopes and, in the afternoon, they play with bobsleighs, toboggans, palettes and buckets.

Vacation by the sea: 5 years old children are taken to the seaside by our educators; 2 nights and 3 days of fun, sea, and games!

Summer camp: open to our children but also to children from other schools; weekly packages during the summertime (June-July-August and September).

Daily Time at Nina Kids: during the holidays chance to be with us even for a day!

Private party

It is possible to rent school premises for private parties, for one night, one afternoon or even for the whole weekend. You can even have New Year’s Eve parties!

Our educational workshops

In our school children are daily involved and participate to multiple educational and creativity laboratories.

We are proud of our vegetable garden, and we are happy to use it also for educational purposes. With our “orto” program the children learn how to observe the nature and start understanding the cycles of the seasons, how to grow vegetables and the recognition of plants. We teach the value of the nature by making manipulative, sensory, motor and play experiences.

Children will have the opportunity to interact with drawings, questions, observations, ideas, and proposals, helping to build together the outline for the staging of an unpublished story. Reading & Library: a weekly workshop of reading, narration and dramatization is proposed.
To complete this workshop, we will take the children once a month to the bookstore or library. We like to think that the sooner they learn and understand to respect a book the better it is.

We will develop the sense of rhythm, auditory perception, motor coordination and imagination. The laboratory will be divided into 3 stages to introduce children to music with a series of motor games that offer the opportunity to experience the ability to concentrate and listen.

The transition from kindergarten to primary school is a delicate moment for children accustomed to living in a play environment. For this reason, some activities in our school are aimed to get the kids used to the idea of “sit and learn”. The objectives we aim to achieve are: knowing how to recognize sounds and noises, knowing how to learn nursery rhymes, knowing how to distinguish drawing from writing, knowing how to distinguish numbers from letters; knowing how to make comparisons and so on.

A weekly workshop of reading, narration and dramatization is proposed. To complete this workshop, we will take the children once a month to the bookstore or library. We like to think that the sooner they learn and understand to respect a book the better it is.

Our goal is to provide children with different tools to learn and understand the language of emotions; it will focus in particular on what the child feels in a specific circumstance, to help him or her analyze the different emotions and sensations physically perceived and give them a name

A course will be held through interactive lessons, images and stories also following the holidays. The course is optional and free.

The project aims to provide children with the necessary tools to understand the importance of color and its combinations. In the workshop, children will understand that colors recall vital sensations, emotions, movements of the soul.

Extra-curricular activities.

It is the process by which children build their own “sense of water”. They experience the environment and begin to build aquatic skills. We will go in Moby Dick swimming pool in Pino Torinese.

Recreational and motor activity with English guidelines for children (10 months-10 years). By playing children know, express themselves, and interact with each other and with the world. Funny Fit is imagination and amusement, with a focus on motor and psychological aspects of children. The lessons have different themes and narrations; soft materials are employed to facilitate the movements in complete safety. Having fun is paramount, physical activity is a consequence!

Children discover basic positions of dance; they improve body coordination and sense of rhythm. They learn to respect the rules of exercises, but at the same time their creativity is stressed. Different musical backgrounds stimulate the perception of sounds and favor the approach to the dance.

Judo is sport and discipline; it promotes socialization, Improves physical and mental balance and trains flexibility, agility, and strength. It is a Japanese martial art which teaches respect for the rules and people. Our masters are ready to dedicate themselves to the champions of the future.
Annual program

The kindergarten has certain overall goals:

  • the achievement of a progressive intellectual and social autonomy
  • the consolidation of the personal identity
  • the development of knowledge, skills, and competences
  • to naturally assimilate the English language


In our primary school we apply these overall goals into each different academic programs, taking into the highest consideration the age of each child and the specifics needs in this delicate phase of their growing up.

The Annual Program and Schedule

Academic year 2020/2021: will address the theme “WHO WE ARE”

We will start talking about each child’s “story” to help them acquire self-awareness and build up their emotional story.

We will therefore address the topic of the body both from the point of view of emotions (to learn how to express and control one’s feelings) and physical (how we imagine it and how it is really made).

During the journey we will also talk about the 5 senses, about food and healthy nutrition.

Academic year 2019/2020: the focus of the program is “WHERE I LIVE”

for which we will work on the family, school and city, the path you take to get to school, jobs stores and road signs. This program includes lot of educational excursions to get to know Turin better; it will also work on the knowledge of one’s own body and on the seasons. At the end of the programming, a model of the neighborhood will be created by the children.

Academic year 2018/2019: “ARTEGGIANDO” this program will be focus on getting familiar with the world of art and creativity.

The art program is proposed as a path that combine playful activity and discovery the world of art, involving children, leading them to be not only observers but also protagonists of their creative growth.

The workshop offers children and teenagers to approach contemporary art in two ways: “seeing” and “doing” or rather remaking works of art, precisely to be able to understand it better.

Should you need more information and clarifications on the specifics of each academic program, our staff is at your entire disposal.